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Thursday, September 22, 2005 

The Arctic and the Antarctic

Source: Schools On the Web

Some people make some mistakes when they talk about the pole region. Earth has 2 poles, north and south. North pole called Arctic and south pole called Antarctic. There are some similarities and differences between both the Arctic and the Antarctic. Have you known those similarities and differences?


  • They both have snow and ice.
  • They both have the northern and southern lights.
  • They are both freezing and they both have icebergs.
  • They both have blizzards and snow storms.
  • They both have the most arid places on Earth.
  • The Arctic has trees but Antarctic does not.
  • Antarctica is a continent land mass but the Arctic is a sea with edges of other countries in the Arctic circle..
  • The Arctic has indigenous people and the Antarctic doesn't.
  • The Arctic has tundra but not the Antarctic.

  • In summer they both aren`t very warm but still quite warm.
  • They both are very cold and they both have blizzards.
  • They are both below -50 celcius.
  • Antarctic has strong winds but the Arctic has mild winds.
  • Antarctica is colder and windier than the Arctic.
Animal and Plant Life

  • Killer whales can tackle elephant seals stingrays, dolphins, sharks and full-grown whales.
  • They both have mosses and lichens.
  • The Arctic and Antarctic both have seals.
  • They both have whales and birds.
  • They both have krill and fish.
  • The Arctic has polar bears and the Antarctic does not.
  • The Antarctic has penguins and the Arctic doesn't.
  • The Antarctic has no trees.
  • The Arctic has Tundra with rich plant life in Spring and Summer.
  • Antarctic has algae but not the Arctic.
  • Antarctica has mainly calm animals but the Arctic has some fierce ones
Human Activity

  • Humans are found in both regions.
  • There are science stations in both Arctic and Antarctica.
  • Science stations are for weighing animals and other experiments..
  • They both have people now.
  • The Arctic has Eskimos and Antarctica does not.
  • The Arctic has igloos and Antarctica does not.
  • Long ago, Laps and Eskimos used the northern polar region but nobody lived in the southern polar region.
  • There are towns in the Arctic but not in Antarctica - just research bases.
  • Antarctica wasn`t found for a long time when the Arctic was already found.
  • When the sea is free from the ice in summer in the Arctic the hunter goes after seals.
So now you know where you can find Penguin. (The answer is: "yes, in the Zoo!").

Duh mas agus ini iseng banget bikin postingan gini. Emang mau ke Artic mas :D ?

Tak kirain tadi ini salah satu info tempat belajar online hehehe

I'd answer: "yes, I know where I can find penguins: on the internet!" hehehe... ;)

In the ZOO? Bwaahahahahaa... ade2 aje. Thx lagi deh. Nambah pengetahuan nih.

@ozzie: udah deket lho Jerman ke Arctic. tinggal search kali ya, siapa tahu ada paket murah ke sana...

@ni londo: yup, you're right!

@ricorea: eh di bonbin indonesia ada juga khan penguin? kali yang dijadiin kandangnya kulkas ya... hehehe...

heheh..pak agus..aku baru tau dikit soal nord und s├╝dpol gara2 ngajarin shf..:P punya anak tuh bikin emaknya harus banyak cari referens.. :D

ini dalam rangka aufgabenya hasna nih?? ;)


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