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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 

Magic Card

Today Hasna brings home a new game. She got this game from her school. This game is about how to learn numbers and have fun. She has 6 cards with number and called as magic cards. The range of the numbers are between 1 until 63 and not all of the numbers are exist at each card. Look at the figure below for detail.

click to enlarge
She asks me to choose a number between 1 until 63, but don't say to her the number I have choosen. After that, she gives me some questions: "Is your number in the card number 1 (2,3,4,5,6 respectively) ?" After I answer her questions, she will think for a seconds and than give me the number I have choosen.

"Wow! you are right Hasna! How can you do that?"

She is very happy and then gives me an explanation how to play the magic cards:

"Add the first number of each card if the answer of the question is "YES" and ignore the cards with "NO" answer. The number you get is the answer of the secret number you have choosen".

For example: I choose 25 as the secret number. This number can be found at cards number 1, 4, and 5. The first number of those cards are 1, 8, and 16 respectively. Add them together: 1+8+16=25.

Wow, it is so fun! the children enjoy this game and also can explain the technic how to solve the problem completely! I think this is a good technic to make children like mathematics.

So, this is one fact: mathematics is not a nightmare! very easy and makes some funs! Do you want to try some fun mathematics on line? just click here!

wehh gimana maenya ??
tell me in indonesian please :)

setuju, matematika emang harusnya momok. sayangnya penyajiannya masih 'mengerikan' dan kurang fun ya.. syukur deh klo Hasna bisa suka ;).

Hahahahaha... Viga... Viga... ndak brubah loe. Dari blog Ozzie ampe kesini tetep aje ngotot minta terjemahin. Hehehehehe... Please deh awww... :P

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