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Tuesday, December 20, 2005 

The big six emitter countries

#1. The United States.
The biggest emiter of greenhouse gas in the world. When Kyoto protocol was agreed, the US committed to reducing its emissions by 6%, but after it has pulled out of the agreement, the CO2 emissions increased by 15% compare to 1990 levels.

#2. The Europen Union
The EU has target to decreased the emissions 8% below the 1990 levels by 2008-2012. Unfortunately, in 2002 the emissions dropped only to 2.9%, while the CO2 emissions had risen slightly. Only 4 (four) EU countries are on track to achieve their own target.

#3. China
As a developing country, China is not required to reduce its emissions eventhough China is the world's 2nd biggest emitter. In 2004 Beijing announced plans to generate 10% of its power from renewable sources by 2010.

#4. Russia
The emissions in Russia reduced by 35% since 1990 because of the economic shrunk. This emission are below the level allowed under Kyoto Protocol. Now Russia is standing to gain bilions of dollars through emissions trading (selling its unused emission to developed countries which want to emit more than allowed by the Kyoto Protocol).

#5. Japan
Japan is a leading member of Kyoto Protocol, committed to reduce emissions by 6% from 1990 levels, but in 2002 the total greenhouse gas emissions had risen by11%.

#6. India
As a developing country, India is not obliged to make any cuts of greenhouse emissions. India's emissions are estimated to have risen by more than 50% in the 1990s.

source: bbc.co.uk

Biggest coruptor country ?
** kabur **

sip the biggest coruptor country is ... ndak tahu pokoke bukan indonesia , negara ini masih belum sanggup mencapai kehormatan itu.

boro - boro menjadi nomor satu di asia, sea games di pilipin aza pinis di urutan 5

so sick

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