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Thursday, December 29, 2005 

First experience with digicam

This is my first experience doing photography with a digital camera. I bought a new digital pocket camera Medion 6.2 megapixel view weeks ago.

So far I feel that using a digital camera is more difficult than a non-digital one. The most difficult thing is because I can see the result directly after shooting an object, and if I got the result is not as beautiful as I saw with my eyes, then it makes me unhappy and unsatisfied. A feeling that I've never found when using a non-digital camera.

When I still use a non-digital camera, I can not see the results directly after take the pictures, so nothing to think about the results at that time. Psycologically, it was better if I can not see the result instantly, especialy when I find a rare object or an event that happens shortly.

For you who want to see some pictures I have taken with my new digital camera, please visiting kangtustel's blog and don't forget to give comments and critics.

vieuwww asyiik deh , bisa ngerekam kejadian sehari - hari tapi jangan dipake ngerekam tetangga yah :P

Mas,cie yang digicam baru..
Hasilnya juga bagus mas..aku udah lihat di Medien.de, harganya lumayan murah lho..dibanding harga Canon dengan megapixel yang sama.. bisa 300- 400 Euro.. tertarik nitip nih aku...

still has someproblem to upload my pic.for my blog from your country hehe.. nice pic.

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