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Thursday, December 29, 2005 

Formalin in foods

Some Indonesian favourite foods such as mie, ikan asin, tahu, etc. containing formalin is an old fact. I am sure that the government has known it for a long long time ago. And I am sure also that you have heard about it before for many times!

Again, I am very sure that the trade and industry activities are documented by the Industry and Trade Ministry. Foods and formalin are part of industry products. Health Ministry also has a special agency that control the foods quality. How can the ministers, the general directors and their staffs at those departements ignoring this foods scandals? What are you realy doing in your nice office? Just become speakers in seminars, entertainers in televisions and newspapers, launching new factories, etc.?

Come on guys, you are not working for FREE! We (Indonesian people) have paid you!

(Mungkin) Dari kasus formalin ini gw baru ngeh dgn kata "Zombie". Kelak manusia Indon akan imun sama formalin. Ujungnya ya itu tadi. Jadi zombie kabeh. Hahahahahaa...

org Indo jadi makan banyak formalin ya... semacam suplemen multivitamin... hihi... akhirnya saya jadi tahu kenapa wanita Indonesia wajahnya bisa awet muda... beda ama wajah wanita bule, umur 20an udah mulai ada keriputnya... ;)

@ricorea: sereem deh kaya di film horor :)

@ni londo: hahaha... rahasia awet mudanya masa makan formalin...

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