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Friday, December 30, 2005 

I need more harddisk space

Working with photo and video files (in digital form with high resolution) need a large harddisk capacity.

So far, to make a high quality DVD from my handycam, I capture it to the AVI format. For one casette Hi8-90 8mm, the file size is about 14GB. After capturing, I have to edit it to get more nice result and than save it again in AVI format, before burn it to the DVD using NeroVison. Sometime, I make another version of the movie from the same source, so I have to keep the source in my harddisk.

The same case for my digital photo files, I should keep also the sources. With a quite high resolution, the size of each file is about 2MB (actually, I can also make a picture with file size about 6MB, but I've decided to make it in lower resolution). When editing the picture, I'll make also some versions in black and white (BW) and color with different digital manipulations and different size.

Today, I read in the brochure an external harddisk Blue Media 300GB, 7200 rpm cost 159,00 Euro. I think I should buy this external harddisk to save my photo and video files... :)

300 gigs:=159 euros. Murah. :) Bisa mesen gak? :)

@ricorea: oh murah ya? mau pesen? boleh aja, cuman delivery-nya gimana? harus nunggu orang yang mau pulang kampung buat nitip, terus dicegat di Cengkareng.

Angebot dari mana Mas? saya kan menghadapi masalah yg sama hehehe...
oh ya, external harddisk bisa ngadat juga kan? berarti tetep ada risikonya...

@ni londo: angebote di Markkauft, gueltig bis 07.01.2006.

external harddisk-nya mas Edvin sampai sekarang masih awet tuh, udah berapa tahun, suka dibawa kemana-mana lagi. katanya sih jauh lebih safe daripada disimpen ke cakram DVD.

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