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Thursday, December 22, 2005 

Mother's Day

Based on the Wikipedia, Mother's Day is a day for celebrating motherhood and thanking mothers. In Indonesia, Mother's Day falls on 22 Dec. Some Indonesian women say, based on the history, that the Indonesian Mother's Day has different meaning and spirit and not the same as the American Mother's Day. They said that, originally, the Indonesian Mother's Day should be called as a Women's Day.

Well, I don't want to talk about this matter in more detail because I think that is not so important (in my humble opinion). The most important think to me is: "a mother is a women, and a woman has a right to be a mother, and I have to thank my mother because she has carried out this holy duty seriously and in a responsible manner". *is my English correct?*

Happy Mother's Day!

I will always pray for my mother and, honestly, I always proud of her also eventhough I rarely say it!

baru sadar kasih sayang ibu, setelah jadi ibu, dulunya sih berantem terus sama ibu.. sekarang walau juga ga pernah diselamat-i HARI IBU sama suami dan anak2, teteup aja bangga jadi ibu, dari tingkahnya mereka sayang sama ibu koq.. *GR aja deh pokoknya*

@rieke: sama mbak. baru kerasa betapa repotnya jadi bapak ya waktu udah jadi bapak :D

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