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Thursday, December 22, 2005 

Our solar system

Bill Arnett, a software engineer, has a nice and complete website discuss about our solar system. The Nine Ten Planets, A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System is the name of his website. The contents are very complete and detail, almost 100 pages. For you who don't have much time to read all pages, you can click the link Express Tour to read a brief description about our moon and the nine ten planets.

In the introduction he writes:
The Nine Planets is a collection of information about our Solar System intended for a general audience with little technical background. No special expertise or knowledge is needed; all technical and astronomical terms and proper names are defined in the glossary. The bulk of this material should be familiar to planetary scientists and astronomers but they may find a few interesting tidbits, too.
Well! I think Bill Arnett has done a nice job! Perhaps I should adopt his way and spirit, so I can make also a serious website with serious and complete contents about one thing I like.


meskipun blom tentu aku ngerti isi websitenya ntar :D

good!! congratz! i also try to write my blog in english and time for upgrade my english now! goodluck mas Agus!

dunia mayaa

Wah, saya juga mendukung mas...apalagi ttg bidangnya, Mas Agus....
Sangat mendukung.....!!!

@yanti: nggak tahu kapan mau mulai dikerjainnya...

@dunia mayaa: yup! i have tried to write my blog in english even though maximum i can write only 3 pharagraphs every post... :D

@mala: udah nyoba nulis koq ttg bidang saya di oseanografi.blogspot.com tapi ya masih jarang diupdate.

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