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Saturday, December 24, 2005 

Winter vacation and peace!

I am in winter vacation... Hopefully can continue posting on Tuesday, 27 Dec. 2005

Regarding to the one year in memory of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, I hope the rehabilitation and reconstruction process in Aceh and also other tsunami-affected regions will always run smoothly.

Special for Aceh, I hope the peace process will always in the right track.

Peace is beautiful!

lagi liburan maen ski ya pak...hehehe.

saya tadi nonton peringatan 1 tahun tsunami di tv. duh terharu liat sang presiden menitikkan airmata...

selamat liburan.

saya juga berdoa semoga Atjeh beserta segenap masyarakatnya, dilimpahi rahmat oleh Allah SWT dan bagi yang kehilangan semoga di beri penggganti yang lebih baik.


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