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Thursday, January 05, 2006 

Bookmark at del.icio.us

Oskar, by his comment, just gave me an idea to write an article about "bookmarking favourite sites that can be used mobile by using del.icio.us". Well, thanks a lot Oskar!

Of course, to be able storing your bookmark at del.icio.us, you should register your self first (I assume you have known how to register!). After that, you'll get an activation e-mail, open it and just click the activation link wrote in the e-mail. OK! now you have had already an account at del.icio.us. Congratulation! and we can continue to the next steps...

Well, the most important step after you signed up and activated your del.icio.us is reading the "user guide" or help file (of course! everybody know it! hahaha...). I found some sites that (may be) useful for you to know del.icio.us in more detail (beside the help link that available in del.icio.us), us.ef.ul is one of them. Here you can read complete "step by step" of how to use del.icio.us. You can also visiting Jeffrey Veen: The Easiest Way to Publish del.icio.us Links on Your Sites, A User's Guidee to del.icio.us, and if not enough yet, just search more guides by using Google, Yahoo! or other search engines...

I am sure, after read those guides you can enjoy your del.icio.us... Oh ya, I have something forgotten! To make you easier using del.icio.us, I recommend you to add bookmarklets into your browser, or, if you use Firefox, just integrate del.icio.us into Firefox.

Oh ya, this is my bookmark at del.icio.us.

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