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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 

How to save your bookmark?

Yesterday Ni Londo asked me how to save her bookmarks as a file. Actually, the bookmarks of web addresses that you have created in your browser are already exist in your harddisk as (a) file name(s).

For example, in Mozilla Firefox, the bookmark file is available in directory Programs\Mozilla Firefox\profile\ with default file name "bookmarks.html" (please check by your self!).

What about if you use Internet Explorer? Well, you can find your bookmark files in your Documents and Settings\Favourites. Each bookmark has different name depend on what name you give to each bookmarked address. So, if you have 3 bookmarked sites, for example: my bookmark 1, my bookmark 2, and my bookmark 3, then in the directory Favourites you will find those files name.

But, sometime maybe it is easier to us if we can backing up our bookmarks, save it in flash disk (to be used mobile) or locate it in our working directory or special directory for bookmark files, for example in my documents\bookmark directory.

In Mozilla Firefox, you can create or export your bookmark by choosing Bookmark menu, then click Bookmark Manager and you will get a pop up Bookmark Manager window. Click File, then choose Export and a pop up Export Bookmark File will appear asking you to fill in the file name and also the directory location (default file name will be bookmarks.html).

In Internet Explorer, just click File, then choose Import and Export, a step by step menu will appear. Just follow it by clicking Next and then choose Export Favourites and then click Next, and then choose which directory of favourites will be exported (or if you want to export all bookmarks under Favourites directory, choose Favourites folder then click Next and write the file name you want for your favourites ( don't forget to choose the directory that you want to locate your bookmark file).

Hopefully, this simple tutorial is usefull for you. Please give me comment If I wrote something wrong (especially for the menu, because I use software in German language, while I should write it in English).

Bener kok mas caranya buat di firefox,saya menggunakan cara itu untuk save my fav links...
Wah ternyata IE juga bisa yah save bookmark, asli baru tahu...thanks infonya mas...bermanfaat banget!!

Well, I prefer using del.icio.us bookmarks. Take it wherever you go!

@oskar: thanks OZ! you gave me an idea for my next posting... :)

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