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Saturday, January 07, 2006 

My digest and new links

Well, my blog layout has changed a little now. I just added My Digest in the bottom of my blog content using FREE service from Feed Digest. From My Digest you can read short brief of some new posts or news from the sites where the feed links have been added to my feed digest.

Beside that, I also adding some new links so now you can enjoying Infotainment, IT Zone, News and Sciences, My OS, etc. from my blog. I hope by adding some "features", my blog become more friendly :)

I hope you will enjoy this "small change"!

Wah Mas Agus, emang perubahannya berasa banget :), apalagi itu info - info di bawah bener - bener berguna hehehe. Kapan nih pindah ke Wordpress/Movabletype?

wah jadi banyak bahan bacaan nih :) tx to share it with us ya mas agus. fotonya pun ganti euy he he he...

+++ fam. dettmer

hehe.. being a nice blog but not so easy for me to read and understand it :D memacuku gak ninggalin bahasa wong bule ini..
have a great day deh buat klg juga:)

walah ketinggalan identiti

@Oskar: ke wordpress? nanti aja deh kalau udah ada keinginan... :)

@Tika: baca gosip Lindsay-nya mbak :P

@mayaa: thanks!

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