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Thursday, January 12, 2006 

My Fortran code

I got something "still unknown error" in my Fortran 90 code. Actually the code has been compiled succesfully and can run well before, but something "mysterious" happened and makes it become unstable, so I have to check and recheck again to find the bugs.

Honestly, I dont' like Fortran and usually use Matlab to make codes. But at this moment I should use it. Of course, the code can be build using Matlab, but the CPU time force me to use Fortran instead.

Ok, I should back to work looking for the bugs!

One bug has been found today, and the code compiled succesfully and run very well. But, I still have one more code to be checked now, so still looking for some bugs. Hmm, I think Fortran is so complicated for "old novice" programmer like me! hahaha. I Hope everything gonna be alright this week :)

I wish you good luck hunting the bug... :)
sorry I don't know anything about Fortran and Matlab code... never heard of it... but I remember "matlab" in Hindi means "meaning", "mera matlab hai..." = "I mean..." hehehe... ;)
pernah mulai belajar bhs Hindi, tapi drop out setelah lection 3 hihi...

@Ni Londo: I have found one bug... Still looking her friends :)

I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
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