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Friday, January 13, 2006 

Playboy Indonesia edition

I read from Detikinet that next March 2006, Playboy Indonesia edition to be launched. Pro and contra opinions about this plan appear in the public and mass media, some disagree while other agree. The disagree people argue with the term of pornography, while the act of pornography is still in draft and, maybe, will be ratified in the middle of 2006 (detik.com). Another argument is because the system and rules in Indonesia are "chaotic" and were easy to be diverted, so eventhough the distribution system is based on subscribing scheme, deviations are potential to be occured.

What is the main reason launching the Playboy Indonesia edition? The answer maybe: "because Indonesia is a good market for this kind of product" :)

Playboy is nothing.

Most Indonesians are used to buying pirated XXX DVDs in Kota

yah gitu deh sana sini serangan pemikiran mlulu.. pulang ke tanah air adalah sebuah kenyataan... hehe nunggu pa Agus sekeluarga pulang ke Awiligar ah..:D

stuju dgn indcoup.

lebih2 dari pleboi aja dgn mudahnya bisa didapat dimana2.

+++ tika

mkn tiap terbit 1 edisi harus diganti
dengan 100 bencana kali.:p

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