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Monday, January 23, 2006 

Still about Pornography Act draft

Eventhough Parliament has invited some artists and experts to talk and discuss about pornography, there are still no clear "classification" about this matter, while the parliament targeting to ratified the pornography act in the middle of this year.

Well, in my opinion, discussing the "classification" of pornography in plural communitty and from different point of view is like discussing "Who is "wrong" in Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston's divorce? Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt or Jeniffer Aniston? Pitt's fans will say that Aniston is the cause of this, while Aniston's fans will say that this divorce is because of the Pitt mistake, or maybe Jolie has carried off Pitt from Aniston. More intense the disccussion, more different answers we got and of course no clear conclusion appear.

Also when people discuss about one paragraph of the pornography act draft that said: "lips kissing in the public area is not allowed and you will be punished 1 to 5 years or paid the fine Rp.100.000.000 to 500.000.000", then maybe some people will have a big question about it: "How can?" If the people who did this is a lawful couple, how can they accept a punishment or paid fine, while people who realy breaking the rules and make Indonesian people distress out there by doing manipulations, corruptions, illegal logging, "tawuran", etc. can not be touched by the law. Expressing love is needed in couple relationship and just kissing wive or husband's lips is not illegal. We have right to do that eventhough in the public area. Just a normal kissing, not a hot lips kissing like French kissing or lips kissing in the porn or semi porn films.

Well, honestly, I have no idea how the act should be, but I think the most priority and main focus of making this act is to decrease pornography matters in mass media.

setuju Mas.. definisi pornografinya sulit sekali. krn salah2, Candi Sukuh pun musti disensor :).

lalu tentang cium-mencium itu, memang urgensinya rendah sekali dibanding kasus2 kriminal yang masih dicuekin, IMHO. para pejuang klausul ini memakai argumen "merusak moral", tapi ruang lingkup moral kan luas sekali :D

@yanti: harus "moral pancasila" kali ya... :D jadi inget penataran P4

pornografiii.... kaya'nya bakal jadi endless debate deh...
tiep org punya sudut pandang yg berbeda2 ttg ini...

Keep up the good work

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