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Friday, January 06, 2006 

Streamripper for Winamp

What are you usually doing when working on your PC or surfing on the internet? Sometime, if what I am doing is not so hard enough or need no extra concentration, I listen to the music on the online radio using Winamp.

I have used Winamp for long time ago to play my mp3 collections. So far, I think, Winamp is my favourite player even though I have installed also iTunes in my PC. One reason why I love to use Winamp is because it was my first music player I used. Another reason is because I like to use also Streamripper plugin for Winamp that can ripping the musics I am listening automatically in mp3 format and store it in my harddisk. I don't know, is this kind of plugin also available in another players or not? but I like very much using this plugin because my mp3 collections will increase every day :)

sama mas agus krn sayapun begitu krn pake pertamanya winamp jadi deh keterusan maunya pake winamp aja, males ganti

+++ tika

sama Mas, aku pun masih pakai Winamp :D.

met tahun baru ya.. eh udah ngucapin blom ya.. lupaa :D

@Tika: winamp mania ya mbak?

@Yanti: Selamat tahun baru juga Yan. Gimana resolusinya?

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