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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

Are sea foods still good for you?

I know that a lot of people really like sea foods very much. And so far we also know that sea foods are good for our health because reach of protein and mineral.

Well, based on the facts, the statement above is right: "sea foods are good for us!" but with some conditions, especially environmental issues. Perhaps you still remember about "another Minamata disease" during 2004 in North Sulawesi. Some poor people around the Buyat Bay have suffered from a range of mysterious health problems including skin diseases, tremors, headaches, and unusual swellings on the neck, calves, wrist, buttocks and head (source: WALHI).

Or maybe you have heard also that Jakarta Bay has a very serious chemical and heavy metal pollution problem. Some reseacrhers said that the water pollution in Jakarta Bay, where the sources of pollution came from domestic and industry sectors, are very high and above the standard (source: BPLHD Jakarta).

I am prety sure that you can't find a lot of same water pollution problems as above in some Indonesian waters. Oh ya, just for your information, actually the cycle of pollution is very complex. The air pollution can also generate land and water pollution. This cycle occurs when the rain wash out the pollutant from the air onto land or surface water.

What is the relationship between "water pollution" and "sea foods"? Well, to discuss about this matter you should know about the terms "food chain" and "accumulation". Yup! we had gotten a lesson about food chain when in Junior High School. Below is the illustration about it (source: seafriends.org).

Heavy metals cannot be destroyed through biological degradation. Food chain makes the higher level predators accumulate them in their body from what they ate, and human as the highest level predator will accumulate them all in their body also from what they ate. Of course, the concentration of them in the human body is the highest.

Well, this article of course not aimed to make you avoid sea foods. Sea foods are good and always good as long as we can maintain the quality of the coast and sea environment. Reducing the sources of pollutant is still the best and cheapest way so far.

Oh ya, for your information, actually this case not only valid for sea foods, but also for vegetables and fruits and everything come from the land (agriculture). One of the main problem in agriculture is pesticide. This is one of the reason why some developed countries in Asia, USA and Europe banned vegetables and fruits from Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, etc).

i still love seafood anyhow

dunno what to comment... I'm vegetarian... :)

Salam kenal Pak!

mm..love ur blog, feels like back to college..with fish toxicology class..was my fav. subject!

I also still like sea foods. This article just to remind us that we have to care about our natural resources where the foods came from. Selective consument will create selective producent. If the consument don't care, how can we have "environment-friendly" producent.

@ni londo:
Vegetarian have the same problem actually. Beside pesticide, accumulation of heavy metal in vegetables and fruits also occurs. You can find a lot of article about it (this link is one example).

@blogger admirer:
Salam kenal juga. BTW, gimana rasanya jadi relawan di NAD?

I love seafood, tapi klo udah ada duri dari makanan itu yang nyangkut di tenggorokan..wah bisa geger deh ...jadi klo makan seafood harus carefull banget..;)

wow aku juga suka makanan laut :) tapi cuma tongkol dan saudaranya.

kalau cumi belum , tapi kalau udang bisa bikin alergi :)

i love seafood.

Lam kenal before Mas Agus,

Hmmmm...... what a nice topis to be discuss since i luv seafood very much (especially shrimps n fish). Heehehehe..... your post also reminds me the good all days while i'm still in the Marine Biology and also Water Quality Management classes few years ago hehehe. Anyhow, sea food is always yummy hehehehehe

hmmm.. di Banyuwangi laudnya masih belum tercemar.. eh tapi tercemar dink.. vi3 khan sering jalan2 di pantai gitu sambil liatin nelayan ngejala ikan, ya ampun yang kejaring bukannya ikan tapi sampah.. banyaaaaaaaaaaaaakan sampahnya daripada ikannya..

Ampir tiap sebulan sekali mampir ke Muara Karang ato sebagian lagi nyebutnya Muara Angke buat makan2 sifud.

Klo ikannya sih aku percaya sehat2 krn bukan ikan tangkapan sekitar Jkt. Klo kerang dkk (mussel, abalone, dll) aku kuatir itu tangkapan sekitaran teluk Jkt. Makanya gak pernah makan kerang.

hehehe aku tetep ga bisa ngurangin makan seafood :D.

btw, makasih untuk ucapan selamat ultah buat Naila :)

It's a wild and polluted earth we live in, because of irresponsible corporations, marketers that lie, public relations which are highly paid to blur the facts, low education.
Let's see; Aspartame, Formaldehydes (Formalin), Borax, Mercury, Pesticide, Textile Dye... and lots more

Someday, I'll stop eating anything :(

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