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Monday, February 06, 2006 

Index finger and tongue

This is another anecdote about different convention used by meteorologist and oceanographer when doing a measurement. In some cases, they usually use same instruments to measure meteorology or oceanography parameters, and the most popular instrument they usually used for practical purpose is index finger and tongue.

Meteorologist usually use the index finger to measure the wind by wetting it with the saliva (using the tongue) and held it up to the air. The coldest part of the wet finger indicated from where the wind blew.

On the other hand, oceanographer usually use index finger to measure salinity of sea water by dipping the index finger into sea water and licking it (using the tongue). More salty the finger, higher its salinity.

So, the different convention is: meteorologist made use of the index finger as a sensor and the tongue as a tool to make the sensor works, whereas oceanographer made use of the tongue as the sensor and the index finger as a tool to take the water sample.

Does this different convention become a problem for them? Of course not! after completing the measurement, they had lunch together and made use of their tongue to taste the meals :)

kenapa gag langsung dijilat aja aer lautnya?

kalo langsung dijilat air lautnya, ga akan kerasa bumbu upilnya :)

jorok mode ON

@aji: yaiiiikkkkk :)

+++ tika

duh jari.. *sensor*.. :lol:

ah... gw tahu oom..
kedua ahli itu pasti orang-orang dari negeri kita...
pasti sedang makan siang dengan menu nasi putih yang masih ngebul, ikan asin plus sambel terasi...

emang paling enak makan pake jari dech..

** kabur **

kalo disini colleage aku pake salinometer, tapi juga index finger and tongue..

gak percayaan kali ma alat..


Di pilem2 koboi jaman dulu jg suka tuh ada adegan nunjuk2 awan sambil jilatin telunjuk sebelumnya. Gw kirain becanda.


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